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Ferranti Partners

Ferranti Partners

MECOMS™ Partner NetworkFerranti works closely together with a number of strategic partners. Besides the general partners listed below, Ferranti has also built a MECOMS™ Partner Network to sell and implement its MECOMS™ product.

Technology partner

Magenta and Ferranti FrontForce

Ferranti and Magenta-MMT entered into a partnership in 2012, to provide a complete back-office solution to public safety departments. This partnership has evolved to a preferred partnership in 2013, where both Magenta and Ferranti agreed to market and implement their combined solution to Fire departments across the Benelux.

Magenta ZoneForce and Ferranti FrontForce control the complete process flow within a fire department. Firstly the preparation, training and planning of all available resources to cope with an upcoming calamity, secondly the actual deployment of resources during a crisis-situation, and finally the reporting and salary calculation are all processes effectively managed by ZoneForce and FrontForce modules. All these different modules can be combined to provide a complete and integrated solution for Safety Services.

With the use of our extensive knowledge and experience, our team continuously develops customer oriented concepts. In this we strive to realize total solutions tuned to the (specific) needs of our customer. In this, flexibility and professionalism are always at the forefront. Our customers' need for information is frequently assessed to facilitate our concepts, knowledge and technical solutions remain up-to-date. We aim to continuously broaden our horizon on information supply via specific product innovations and we are accommodating to challenges in possible new markets. We operate with respect to and conscious of the interests of man and environment and within the boundaries of the (inter)national laws and regulations.

Cassidian focuses on global security and systems, lead system integration, platforms and value added products and services to civilian and military customers around the world. Its portfolio includes land, naval and joint systems, air systems (aircraft and unmanned aerial systems), intelligence and surveillance, secure communications, cyber security as well as test systems, missiles, services and support solutions. Cassidian's slogan is Defending World Security and its mission is to support the people whose mission is to protect the world.